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"Your life is not based on the number of likes you get on Facebook, but by how many lives you have genuinely touched in your life." - Mohammed Rafi

Our Chief trainer Rafi, has been catalyst in bringing positive outcomes in the lives of more than 25,000 people through his training programs. Rafi has supported some of his course participants in starting their own independent NLP business.Now, more than 10 NLP training companies in India and abroad have modelled Rafi and have been initiated into NLP Business and Training by Rafi. He constantly guides them in growing their business and training skills as Independent NLP Coaches.

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We give you unique life changing experiences and not jargons.
This is our speciality for you


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Whats in it for you if you train with NLP Training World?

  • We address your individual concerns and help you draw a productive growth plan.
  • Globally Recognized Certified NLP Practitioner Programs.
  • You will feel a dramatic turn around in the way you feel, think and act.
  • You can impress the people around you and more people will start liking you.
  • Helps you to get rid of unwanted habits, phobias and fears.
  • You will feel even more confident than now and your self confidence will be doubled.
  • Positive and instant changes to your health and happiness.
  • We will leave the rest to your imagination because we want you to have more fun and learning in our training sessions.

We call NLP as a new life program for a better life.

We give you unique life changing experiences and not jargon’s. This is our speciality for you.

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