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Mrs Indu Nandakumar International Trainer & Director – Octane International, Cochin.
First of all I have always believed till this day that I am a better thinker, a good speaker and an average writer….thanks to NLP, I have already begun a new thought that says ” I have always been a good writer, its just that I have never believed, I could.”My introduction to NLP with a blend of Gestalt therapy, meditation and yoga was a delight. Every detail, be it the content, the design, the interventions, the location aptly chosen by the Guru himself, and as he says “even the type of food and the timing of the food was a part of NLP”
Mr Binu Kurien Consultant – IBS Software Services, Technopark, Trivandrum.
A journey in and out of ourselves- this best describes the NLP Training at the Jaiva Ecosystem in Moozhikkulam. It was like going back to the Gurukul days, as we were staying with our trainer, Mohammed Rafi, in a sensibly chosen environment by him ensuring a whole body, mind and soul rejuvenation.

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  • Nepal - 1st Sep-1st Oct, 2016 (NLP INTENSIVE)
  • Bangalore - 6th Oct, 2016 (Practitioner Level 1)
  • Dubai - 14th-15th Oct, 2016 (Practitioner Level 1)
  • Mumbai - 29th Oct-2nd Nov, 2016 (Practitioner)
  • Cochin - 12th-16th Nov, 2016 (Master Practitioner)
  • Hyderabad - 26th-30th Nov, 2016 (Practitioner)
  • Cochin - 10th-14th Dec, 2016 (Practitioner)
  • Chennai - 17th-21st Dec, 2016 (Practitioner)

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    “The journey towards a 1000 miles starts with a single step”

    We are so happy that, you have placed that first step.

    We will walk together and you will see how to live your life without limits and blocks.

    That is where we work. And It is called work of NLP. You are heartily welcome to -

    “Mohammed Rafi’s transformational NLP trainings.”

    Rafi is the first trainer in India to have got trained in both New Code NLP & Classic Code NLP.





    Please see a small snapshot of what we do using NLP, which will give you a feeling about Mohammed Rafi and his team.


    1. Transforming People Using NLP Training In India

    Rafi saw a visible change in himself, by applying the principles of NLP and hence he decided to share his experience and bring positive changes to the lives of people through our NLP Workshops and Corporate Programs.. Rafi has been a catalyst in bringing positive outcomes in the lives of more than 25,000 people through his training programs.


    nlp practitioner training DSC05508


    2. Creating Independent NLP Coaches -


    Rafi has supported some of his course participants in starting their own independent NLP business. Now, more than 10 NLP training companies in India and abroad have modeled Rafi and have been initiated into NLP Business and Training by Rafi. He constantly guides them in growing their business and training skills as Independent NLP Coaches. Few NLP trainer’s and companies who are taking his support are as follows:


    3. NLP Coaching -

    Apart from our public workshops Rafi conducts one to one Therapeutic sessions for clients with various problems like anger, phobias, anxiety, depression and many more.  His personal life experiences, has been his best teacher. Since he has come out successfully from many hardships including poverty, it is helping Rafi and his team in sharing their experiences to the wonderful people who come to us for personal life coaching.


    nlp coachingnlp coaching


    4. Social Uplifting Using NLP

    Rafi and his team of trainers conducts motivational training for God’s children. Inspiring them to achieve their dreams in life is one of our passion passion.  For doing this we have associated with a couple of orphanages.

    We are also committed to train people who want to learn, but are not able to afford the course fees due to their financial challenges. Please get in touch with us and together we will draw a plan to achieve your dreams.


    social nlpsocial nlp



    5. NLP & Marriage –  

    Marriages are made in heaven. We all know these old golden words on marriage.  Nevertheless,   a good number of such marriages are broken on earth. Who is the culprit? Heaven or earth.  Let’s look where it is broken. On earth. Then the earth has to bear the blame.

    Dear friend, an area we work to offer lasting solution is ‘Problems in Marriages’. From our experience, we can cleanly say that, most of the broken marriages are broken foolishly. They could have lived happily ever if they would have at least a pinch of exposure to the world of choices that NLP offers. Join our course and understand how to take your married life to the heights of which even the very heaven would be jealous of.


    nlp and marriagefamily nlp



    6. NLP & Health –  ‘Health is wealth’. True. But nowadays we spend our wealth to pay for our health. Our world is running faster. We all are pressurized to follow the world in the same speed. Some could, some others could not. However, the interesting fact is that, both the winners and the losers in this race do enough damage to their precious wealth, the health.

    nlp training in keralanlp

    You could stop these habits, if you join and learn how NLP methods work effectively to perfect your health. Our workshops would help you to say good bye to a good number of your life style related health problems.  Do join once and keep your wealth very dear to you. NLP offers sure methods to improve your health issues.


    Together, Rafi and his team have more than 20 years of experience in training and we prefer the path of .We still seek out and attend as many training programs as we can, to learn from experienced people and add value through that for you when you come for our training programs. 

    Currently we offer NLP Training in India – Mumbai, Kerala (Cochin & Trivandrum), Bangalore, Coimbatore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Srilanka, Qatar, Dubai and many other cities across the globe.


    Contact Us To Know More And Register!


    Whats in it for you if you train with NLP Training World?

    • We address your individual concerns and help you draw a  productive growth plan.
    • Globally Recognized Certified NLP Practitioner Programs.
    • You will feel a dramatic turn around in the way you feel, think and act.
    • You can impress the people around you and more people will start liking you.
    • Helps you to get rid of unwanted habits, phobias and fears.
    • You will feel even more confident than now and your self confidence will be doubled.
    • Positive and instant changes to your health and happiness.
    • We will leave the rest to your imagination because we want you to have more fun and learning in our training sessions.

    We call NLP as a New Learning Process for a better life.


    We give you unique life changing experiences and not jargon’s. This is our specialty for you.


    Take a step toward a better future now!!!


    Dial 09745323030 NOW, to speak with Manisha about your dreams, your challenges, and your goals, and how you would like to move forward.


    Note : If you wish to speak with our Chief Trainer Mohammed Rafi then please send an sms to 08891894588 and you can fix up an appointment.


    And the rest of your life will say, Thank You!