“Every one has some thing to say

Very few gives the time to hear

The mind that listens to others learns more.”


Why don’t you invest some time to listen and see what our previous course participants have to say!


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1. Ms. Sarah AbdelalTeacher and Therapist – Dubai


NLP Practitioner Training In India

My name is Sarah Abdelal. I am half Syrian and half French by nationality and currently reside in the United Arab Emirates. I had decided to go for the NLP course with  Mr. Mohammed Rafi after making a long research to choose with whom I wanted to make the course due to the fact that it was taught in a natural environment and not in a fancy hotel in a boring conference room.

After completing the course from 16th till 20th May 2014 I must say it was an amazing experience.

Everything about the course was interesting. Being a foreigner I had the chance to live and explore the Indian culture ,the resort in Trivandrum was very clean and cozy and most importantly in the middle of a green forest , the food was always surprisingly excellent and the atmosphere relaxing and just perfect to learn and complete the NLP course.

The content on the course was very informative and given in a special style where fast learning and practicing was possible and pleasant at the same time.

Mr. Mohammed Rafi was giving the course from his heart and has touched each one of the participants deeply and only in two days many changes in our areas of improvement which we requested to change in ourselves was noticeable.

I have learned a lot from this course on a personal and professional level.On a personal level I was able through this course to understand my needs and wishes in my life and how to make them happen. On a professional level ( being a therapist and a school teacher ) the course has provided me with tools and methods I can easily use and practice to help others overcome fears and phobias.To understand goals and wishes and to program the mind in a way that goals are easily manifested in the physical world.

During the course we also did other activities like Yoga, Trekking , swimming in the river, playing games and socializing which gave this course an extra bonus point in my opinion.

I am very thankful to Mr. Mohammed Rafi for all his efforts in teaching us and thankful to the guest house team and  the other participants from whom I have learned a lot and who became my family .

Blessings to All ,



2. Mr Binu Kurien

Consultant – IBS Software Services, Technopark, Trivandrum.

Certified NLP Practitioner Training In India


A journey in and out of ourselves- this best describes the NLP Training at the Jaiva Ecosystem in Moozhikkulam. It was like going back to the Gurukul days, as we were staying with our trainer, Mohammed Rafi, in a sensibly chosen environment by him ensuring a whole body, mind and soul rejuvenation.

The Eco-friendly abode, along with the vegetarian food, yoga, boat ride, tree house, were an actual treat for both of us tired souls, and we appreciate Rafi for having no strict agenda and the beautiful way he just carried the training along with our normal activities.

As a trainer he ensured he gave the best so it was worth every penny we paid for. Rafi was keen to observe each one of us and the feedback were an eye-opener and we couldn’t but agree to each one of them, being shot at us, most unexpectedly at times. The moment we realized those statements about us were true we felt lighter and happier.

As a couple we feel blessed to have attended the training as we learned many things together and so it helps each other out in positive thinking and changing our self-perception.

We practice the meditation that we were introduced to us, in the program and yes it is a strong stress-reliever. Both of us got enlightened in the way our thinking helps to brighten our kids future, and how to help them to be positive and happy kids.

The railway station exercise was tried on my kids and I could easily sense out which type of personality they were. All in all, this NLP training was the best we ever had. We wish Rafi all the best in his future programs.


3. Mrs Preethi Binu Kurien

Teacher – Christ Nagar International School, Trivandrum.

Certified NLP Practitioner Training In India


It was an absolute bliss when we reached the venue of the NLP training program conducted by Mohammed Rafi. The place called Jaiva Ecosytem, at Moozhikkulam, near the Chalakkudy river, an Ayurvedic resort, was a dream come true for me as I had always wanted to stay in an eco-friendly house, near the river side.

Add to it, the vegetarian food, and Yoga, was like living in a different culture. The best part I liked staying there was to learn to live without a mirror and walking barefoot. As a group of five, it was easy for us to get along with each other, and we had a wonderful time sharing some of our stories and assumptions of life.

During the boat ride, the way the old lady said a straight ‘NO’ to the request to take her photo, taught me a life lesson to learn and to teach to say ‘No’ to certain things in life.

I appreciate the careful thoughts Rafi took to ensure we all participants get a fresh view of life and go back a changed positive personality. ‘A smile could adorn my personality’ the feedback i received through the program is true to every word and yes, I cannot forget to smile now.

“Thanks a trillion for arranging that head massage as well Rafi.”

Wishing you and your better half, Sareena all the best in everything.




4. Mrs Indu Nandakumar 

International Trainer & Director – Octane International, Cochin.

Certified NLP Foundation Training In India


Dear Rafi,

First of all I have always believed till this day that I am a better thinker, a good speaker and an average writer….thanks to NLP, I have already begun a new thought that says ” I have always been a good writer, its just that I have never believed, I could.”

My introduction to NLP with a blend of Gestalt therapy, meditation and yoga was a delight. Every detail, be it the content, the design, the interventions, the location aptly chosen by the Guru himself, and as he says “even the type of food and the timing of the food was a part of NLP”

It was 2 days of a battle in my mind of what I believed and what I was experiencing.

Two days have been valuable and enriching. I must accept you have a thought provoking way of coaching which is wonderful. My learning has been immense and I realize its not the content, but what you take away or learn during the process makes you wider. The very realization or rather “Wake up call” is the magic of the program. And I would like to humbly accept that the magic has begun.

They say the most effective training is the one that leaves the participant with the feeling of realization and the determination to change. I have attended numerous training programs and would like to tell you that your technique is unique and leaves the participant with a taste that lingers for a long period.

Wish you all the very best and success!


Indu Nandakumar.


5. Miss Remya.G

Senior HR, Williams Lea – India.

Certified NLP Practitioner Training In India


Hi Rafi,

Let me start with thanking you for such a wonderful training session. I am really happy with the training and I find that you have tailored the course as per a requirement covering all the key areas and structuring the content in very digestible segments which made it enjoyable, useful and extremely worthwhile.

It has really given me a new insight and energy to every aspect of life. The training venue was really superb, again great that all participants really had so many experiences to share. It was actually a well-balanced composition of participants, which contributed to interesting and focused discussions and exchanges. This was one of my best learning experiences, I am inspired to rethink the way I understand people, things or situations.

Most importantly, when you have explained each topic to us, you have at the same time challenged us to clarify and to find our own answers. I feel that all the techniques used, the methods were extremely good. At no point did I feel that the training was a long, dragging or a boring one.

Even after breaks, I felt that there was a lot of energy and enthusiasm. I was drawn into the training fully and had my full attention due to the way in which it was conducted and the credit goes to you. It was more of a fun filled learning as you concentrated more in giving it a real-world and best-practice perspective.

You were extremely engaging, clear and approachable. Your delivery skills are excellent. I can truly say that I gained more meaningful, real world knowledge and I am sure all us who have attended will agree with me.

Thank you one again for infusing your tremendous knowledge to our brain, making this course so interesting and an enjoyable environment to learn.

Best Wishes,



6. Mr Abhilash Soman

Yoga Instructor – Avadhuta School of Yoga, Trivandrum

Certified NLP Practitioner Training In India


You are too good, and the way you carried yourself throughout the entire program was absolutely fantastic.  I had already undergone my NLP practitioner program and I came to your program to see how you are doing it. In your program I found answers to many areas like Drama Triangle and Metaphors, which was not clear for me even after my practitioner program with a different trainer.

The initial feel which you created inside the training room with the topic “If you have spot it, then you have got it”, was mind blowing.  It was good learning for me the way you tackled Mr Vazhan and the changes we have witnessed in him the very next day itself.

I saw a live demonstration of modelling and mirroring in you, which was an eye opener for me, and through which I feel I will be able to add more colors into my life and training career. I would say, the selection of the venue for training will do a lot in the outcome and here also you have done your homework, because the vegetarian food and the environment was brilliant.

After the training suddenly I felt my confidence level has gone up in a huge way, which I lost one year back. It was evident that you made me to follow you unconsciously throughout the entire training program, which I think is a great strength for you in the future also.

My dear friend, you have that edge which I am sure will inspire many generations and expect my whole hearted support for anything and everything, which I feel is a privilege for me as a human being. I wish you all the every best for your future as an NLP trainer and a committed social being.

Best Regards,

Abhilash Soman


7. Ms. Arathy Nair

Clinical Psychologist – Destiny Planners, New Delhi.

Certified NLP Practitioner Training In India

Dearest Rafi,

After an energetic session of positive energy and aura, I am back home. Thanks a lot for the awesome learning experience you have extended.

The way you spread over the goodness of NLP concepts for the betterment of society and humanity is highly commendable. In these 5 days of training session apart from an understanding of NLP concepts, there happened an enrichment of existing knowledge about different approaches to improve the skills for a better living.

You have arranged a serene place with beautiful and peaceful ambiance, tailored with a set of good hearted trainers as well as co-trainees.

All together the experience was highly pleasurable and cherishable. Enjoyed the sessions of other facilitators as well, it was quite practically coined.

The concepts of modelling, anchoring and tote along with other principles are quite hearty and invaluable. I have got the opportunity to give and take, to and from others.

“It was totally worth attending the session”

You are a highly observant, informative and energy-packed trainer. Experienced the great two days filled with learning, sharing, interaction, brainstorming and lots of fun. Hope you would also have enjoyed the moments with us. Have great moments ahead. Stay in touch always.

Thanks & Regards,



8. Mr Imam Siddique – Big Boss – Season 6 Fame

Central Protagonist of a Reality TV Show at MTV India, Mumbai.

Certified NLP Practitioner Training In India


I, Imamuddin Afrouze Amiruddin Siddique do solemnly affirm the following:

a.) I needed to be guided to have a better understanding of NLP – Neuro Linguistic Program, since I have a passion to help people heal and in the process heal myself.

b.) It gives me immense pride, privilege and pleasure to say that In my Guru – “Mr Mohammed Rafi” I have found an inspiration and a role model.

c.) I, like any other living being had too many problems and issues which needed to be addressed and resolved. Through the course of this program conducted between 12th to 16th of Jan, 2014 at a serene nature retreat in Mumbai – “Hide-Out”, I have healed myself and would like to express my sincere gratitude. I am an instrument of God and now surrender.


Imam Siddique.


9. Mr. Thomas Chacko,

Principal – Lourdes Matha College, Trivandrum.

Mr Mohammed Rafi T.F. has conducted a 10 days Employment Enhancement Training program for our Final Year Hospitality Management students.

We are very glad to say that your training program was effective by all means and it has helped our students to evolve as better professionals.  Around 40% of our students got placed with the Taj Group of Hotels, which was the interview that took place the following day your training program got completed.
We sincerely thank Mr. Mohammed Rafi for taking his valuable time and imparting the required skills for our students. It has been a pleasure working with you and we look forward for more training programs from you in the future.


Best Regards,

Thomas Chacko,

Principal, LMIHMCT, Kuttichal, Trivandrum


10. Ms. Rajashree M

All India HR Manager – Proppyl Packs Limited.

Words from my heart: …this is what my heart looks like after the NLP training with Rafi Sir….Mmm…the exact word is after my rebirth….I’m freed from all the unwanted emotions that I carried in my heart…I am getting closer to my goal….it has strengthened my soul….

I had been searching for a training event that would refresh my mind…energize me…would help me to think in a broader way…to analyze the situations of life and make me solution oriented and learn to focus on my goal..…it was like god answering my call and saying to me…..just visit NLP training world…the answer lay in my subconscious mind…..my search lead me to NLP training world…..

I’m a person who was always running in life to make both ends meet…busy fulfilling the wishes of my family and JOB..Somewhere I forgot myself.

Here NLP has helped me a lot….I started traveling within myself..Rafi Sir…helped me to realize how important it was for us to know ourselves. Somewhere we misunderstand ourselves because we see ourselves through the eyes of others..which has no meaning….Meditation and Yoga helps us to strengthen our inner self…the way he helps us to get closer to our dream….it’s just ausum ….i do not know how I could draw my dream from the image I had in my subconscious mind..it has started becoming a reality..i see myself transformed as a leadership coach..i do not know from where I developed the strength to speak in public…it just was within me…Rafi Sir…knew it and brought it out by his excellent skills..thats the confidence he develops in us…I feel sooo blessed..

The style of living we have in the Jaiva ecosystem…..influences us in many ways….we will forget all the habits we had at home…closely knitted to nature….as if we are in the midst of grukul where the sishyas stay with the guru in same house with other shishyas irrespective of their education / position / religion ….the equality…the love and care that we develop for each other…the lessons we learn from the experiences of each other is just something touches our heart..this itself touches our heart..we just lose our ego and we become closer to GOD…that is our inner self..

Our laziness just vanishes off…we automatically become disciplined….that’s where The Role of Rafi Sir is to be highlighted….not at all a strict Guru (that’s apt name for the gurukulam style of teaching method he adopts )….always a smile in his face and love in his heart….he has answers for everything…….… we did yoga early morning..…no strict lessons …just listening and memorizing…and recognizing our mistakes ….

I have decided to take my kids for this training…the NASA game …oh just wonderful….it makes our memory power strong…we understand how complicated we make our life due to un necessary emotions and reactions..I was surrounded by veterans of different field Like Maaney Sir and Lata Madam and I’m very much thankful to all of them for guiding me and making me feel great…
Im travelling hand in hand with my dream..and very soon I will see my dream accomplished…

Dear Guru,
I will make you proud by bringing the learning I had from this gurukul for betterment of myself and this world…thanks for the blessings..

Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishno Gurur Devo Maheshwara
Gurur Sakshaath Parabrahma Thasmai Shree guruve namahaa…

Your Faithful Disciple,