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Hello Friend............Have you ever heard the term "SENSEI"!!

You might have or you may not have heard. Let's now look at what is the relevance of this term and why we draw your attention to the term "Sensei"

Sensei is a term derived from Japanese Martial Arts and Sensei literally means - "A Person Born Before Another". In lay man's language "born before" means one who teaches based on wisdom acquired through experience and rigorous practice and not just by getting a piece of paper at the end of 10 or 12 days. So if your objective is just that rectangular thick piece of paper with the Signature of Dai-Sensei, then please do not read further.

Alright, since you have decided to read further I believe that you are someone who is genuinely committed in building exquisite NLP Training Skills and want to bring transformation to the lives of people around you in this world ad not motivated by certificate along. Welcome,my dear friend. I want only people like you because I know that you will safeguard the quality of NLP Standards set by me (Mohammed Rafi) and my Mentors like Dr John Grinder (Co-Creator of NLP) and James Tsakalos (No.1 NLP Master Trainer from Australia). I personally took time to write this page because that's shows how close to my heart NLP Trainers Training is....

Now, see what you are going to achieve at the end of this rigorous 12 days of Boot camp.Yes, you heard it right - "BOOT CAMP" it is. And that's how my Mentor Dr John Grinder calls his Trainer's Training. And the Best NLPers are the ones who are exemplars in modelling and I am privileged to say that I have modelled Dr John Grinder's style of training and the styles of 15 other Intenational NLP Masters, because then I can give you the Ultimate Experience and make you a World Class NLP Trainer.

So, What Will You Achieve At The End Of This 12 Days NLP Trainer's Training:


Now, if you are truly interested to become an NLP trainer, then now is the ideal time to get in touch with us..Just dial +91 8891894588 or send an em-mail to and we will help you become the best NLP trainer.

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