‘The morning was fine. Sun was laughing loudly. Jolly children of the neighborhood started their play on that lush green ground which was surrounded by old trees, full of leaves and abundance in shades. Our home was on the other side of the ground. I could hear the children playing with loud noise. I felt happy. I became my child.’


“Dear  friend, You are pleasantly welcome to your world,

NLP Training World, world of great feelings and happiness”


NLP Training world is an enthusiastic initiative founded by an even more enthusiastic personality, Mohammed Rafi.

It is otherwise called

- ‘ Mohammed Rafi’s life transformational NLP trainings’.


“Your life is not based on the number of likes you get on facebook, but by how many lives you have genuinely touched in your life.” – Mohammed Rafi

This platform is an association of a group of trainers who swamped together, sharing the same feeling for excellence. They walked down to the shade of the umbrella opened up by Rafi. They talk and work together for the welfare of the people when people find some sort of blocks in their journey towards happiness and excellence.


People come to us when they feel frustrated by the heaviness of life. They walk to us when they see no solution to their pricking problems in life. They see solace and find effective solutions to their worries, fears and phobias once they share the same with us.


Yes, we are solution thinkers with the help of the choices offered by the world of NLP and train people to reach our level of excellence.


We feel proud and joy when we think of those days when we were brought in to the magical world of NLP by the towering personalities such as Professor Thomas, Nick Kemp, Dr. Francis Xavier, Andrew Austin,  and Harish. Now when you see, we have gathered a basket full of experience. Oh, man you are so lucky! Yes, we have got more than 20 years of experience in the field of training.


Our vision


‘We want to build a well balanced and happy world’


Our Mission


‘We work as a centre of excellence in unison with individuals and organization to help them to draw their style of excellence in whatever they step in to’.


We provide NLP courses for Individuals and specialized NLP programmes for organizations.


Our  NLP courses for inidividuals include,

NLP Diploma Course

NLP Practitioner Course

NLP Master Practitioner Course

NLP Train the Trainer Programme


We provide our NLP Training in Hyderabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Delhi, Kochi, Trivandrum, Dubai, Qatar and all other major cities across India.


Please feel happy to call us. We are more happy to share with you more about us and our courses.

“Talk to us now – +91 8891894588”