4 Reasons Why You Must Attend NLP Training In Delhi With Us!

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February 21, 2014
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Namaste!! Before moving on to anything else, it would be beautiful to see Our Venue (Zorba The Buddha), where we will be doing our NLP Training in Delhi.

And now, NLP is a set of proven tools, patterns and skills to help you make visible lasting changes to various elements in your life like:

  • Controlling your emotions, thoughts and character
  • Aiming, planning and achieving your goals
  • Influencing people in business and professional life
  • Helps in you maintaining good health and wellness
  • Leading beautiful and harmonious relationships
  • And Many More which you will achieve during the course of our training programs.

Learn about the powerful benefits of NLP here

Now you must ask these questions to yourself and any training company before registering for the NLP training in Delhi.

  1. What are the maximum number of participants they intake for an NLP training in Delhi?
  2. Is there a money back guarantee if I didn’t benefit from the program?
  3. Is the trainer willing to understand your needs before talking to you about their company?
  4. What continuous support do they provide you after the program?

Now see the 6 compelling reasons why you will attend NLP Practitioner training with us.

1.) Primarily, NLP is the study of subjective experiences..!

And how can you study subjective experiences when there are 50 people in a training batch. By the time you get to know these 50 people, you will be already in the final day of your NLP practitioner program. So we make sure that we take only a maximum of 30 participants per batch to give you individual attention and also the opportunity for you to really study the subjective experiences of the trainer and your fellow participants. Isn’t it a a fair deal? When any organization takes more than 30 students per batch they are degrading the quality of training which they provide..Its sheer in-justice to people like you who pay a decent amount to undergo the training.

2.) What happens if you come for the program and then you think that it has not benefited you in any ways?

Well, we are the only company in India who offer a 100% Money back guarantee if you decide that this program is not for you by the first half of the first day..Yes, to be honest we have had 3 participants out of 3267 people who utilized the money back guarantee. We totally respect their decision because if your heart is not there for a particular thing, then you must have the liberty to come out of it without losing your money..Just think about this – Would you pay for any food that doesn’t suit your taste buds? Then why should you pay for NLP alone, if you don’t get what you need!

3.) Just imagine the consciousness of a trainer/company who is least interested to know about you and your needs!

In the first place, we understand the needs of the participants to serve them better, which will show us the clear path to guide them. We tailor make all our programs depending upon the group dynamics. So, its not a buffet menu that we offer. We provide specially cooked Ala-Carte menu to fill your appetite and to relish your taste buds.

4.) What and how long is the support you are going to get after the training is highly important. 

Your are going to get FREE life long support from our company if you do any of our NLP Practitioner programs which we run across different cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Cochin, Trivandrum, Bangalore and Pune.

One last thing: read what our participants Magic of Change family members experienced during the 5 days.

Now, please pick you phone and dial 08891894588 and let us know about your dreams, goals and challenges so that we can support you in journey towards excellence!

NLP Training World is an enthusiastic initiative founded by an even more enthusiastic personality, Mohammed Rafi. It is otherwise called - ‘ Mohammed Rafi’s life transformational NLP trainings’.
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