A 14 Year Old Boy’s “BRAIN CHANGE” – Through the Eyes of His Own Mother

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September 30, 2014
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July 26, 2018

Motherhood, what exactly is motherhood? Unconditional love, happiness, joy, care, sometimes tears? It is the most sacred relationship. Everything is there in this one relation. But when your child faces any problem, it feels like your heart is peeping out because your child is like your own heartbeat. As a mother I share the same feelings….

My son Abhay has successfully secured 82% mark in Xth ICSE board exam and is stepping in to college now. Now he is a confident lad who wants to become a hacker and is extremely good in computers.

This is his “TODAY”.

Abhay, 3 years back

Three years back the situation was completely different. My Abhay was carrying a very strong and wrong belief. His belief was “whenever he touches someone or someone touches him his brain changes”. It was taking a toll on him. It was bad; really bad (some incidents are too personal to be mentioned here). It went to the extreme where his confidence and his performance in school and everywhere got affected.

As parents we tried a lot to change him but nothing was working. We went from psychiatrists to psychologists to reiki healings… name it and we tried everything except black magic and babas. Nothing was working. And at that time we didn’t know that such a marvel called NLP existed. My little one knew that it was not taking him anywhere. However he was helpless and so were we. I still had hopes. “ A problem always comes with a solution. Doesn’t it?” Solution was there and it was just a matter of time.

And they say – “When the student is ready the master appears”…And the Man Appeared – Mohammed Rafi – The Real Life Transformation Specialist and NLP….

Rafi’s Magic for Abhay

I spoke with Rafi and he immediately understood that there is something to do with the child. He met Abhay and suggested me to do 5 days NLP Practitioner Course along with my child. That was just a start. Rafi used techniques like swish pattern, metaphors, clean language to shift the perception and wrong belief that my child was carrying in his head. Rafi actually did Provocative Love on my son. I saw small changes taking place in Abhay like he was becoming more confident, yet not fully transformed as his belief was deep rooted. However I was curious and impatient.

I asked Rafi why no fast and concrete change is happening g on him. The reply he gave to me is still rings a bell. It was a blow for me; a trigger to introspect myself. He told “whatever garbage you have created in his head in the past 14 years, I may not be able to clear it in just 5 days.“ pheww….that was something I did not expect and you can also witness these subtle moments during his course. But that told me that Rafi is straight forward and to the point….No beating around the bush and no false claims unlike other healers and trainers.

How NLP helped Abhay?

Changes were happening slowly. After couple of months Rafi asked me to repeat NLP Practitioner with Abhay. And we did it. This time Rafi went out of his way and took the time to do an exclusive One to One session with Abhay. I was also present there in the session. Rafi used his power tool Provocative Love, New Code “N Step Reframe”, Conversational hypnosis and finally he cracked it. He did “Age Regression” and took Abhay towards the incidence from where he picked up the belief and then applied Figure of 8 to desensitize that memory which took Abhay to a dissociated state with respect to feeling of brain change.

I couldn’t believe my eyes…

This was Pure magic that took place right in front of my eyes…And Rafi says “Every magic has got logic.” Ever since then I never heard my son saying “Brain Change.” And that is when I decided to do my 18 months apprenticeship with Rafi – the True Life Transformation Specialist.

Learn How to change beliefs in subconscious mind – find doorway to happiness?

Rafi never gave me any false hopes. He gives zero expectations and result will be more than 100%. Now, if you want to transform yourself or your near and dear ones, take him to this man – He will give his heart and soul and will go out of the way to bring MIRACLES….. And you can meet me when you come to one of our NLP Workshops because I will be there to help you achieve excellence in your life along with my mentor….