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Cure Stammering in 1 and a half hours

Stammering made my childhood hell” said Hrithik Roshan. Hrithik wouldn’t have gone through this if he would have met Mohammed Rafi – The Man With The Midas touch – Rafi would have solved his problem within a span of just one and a half hours. Surprising!!! Isn’t it?? Not for me, because I was one of those 24 people who witnessed that miracle right in front of my eyes. Yes, stammering cure was done by Rafi in his 5 days Magic of Change NLP training in Mumbai… And I told Rafi that I would write this article. My name is Gauri Singh and I am a Statistician by Profession and a Yoga and Meditation teacher.

Dorothy’s story

Dorothy, a sweet 21 year old girl was suffering from stammering problem for the past 15 years and wanted cure for her stammering. And her parents have taken her to a list of endless specialists, but in vain. And finally they approached Fr Dr. Henry D’Souza a renowned Priest & Psychologist (PhD in Psychology) from Mumbai and one of Rafi’s student’s, asked Rafi to look into the matter of Dorothy. When Father Henry spoke to Rafi about the case, he said “Bring her Father, let me see”. That’s it….Time and again he proves it that he means business and action. No Non sense… This incident was after I decided to do apprenticeship with him when he helped my son come out of his psychological problem.

Father Henry brought her to Rafi the very next day to his NLP Practitioner workshop which was happening in Mumbai. As always, he built instant rapport with Dorothy and gained her trust. If you don’t have rapport with the client then possibly nothing will work. And you will be taught how to build instant rapport with anyone that you come across in less than 30 seconds if you happen to attend one of our 5 days MAGIC OF CHANGE NLP Practitioner Workshop.

With some people I had great difficulty in connecting. But after learning the immaculate rapport skills from my mentor I can instantly connect with anyone with ease. Rafi’s therapy starts flowing even without you realizing, because he is a master conversational hypnotist too. We call him the “Mystical Magician”. Rafi is always switched On and calibrates 24/7, this guy can do it even in sleep ;)…! Yes, he was calibrating the specific points/moments at which Dorothy was stammering.

Dr John Grinder says “Calibration is the mother of all skills”. You need to have that data before you do anything. Otherwise you won’t be able to measure the progress. And stammering cure is something that people take years to overcome and you will see how this man cured the stammering of Dorothy in just one session.

How NLP helped Dorothy in treating stammering?

If you pay attention carefully you will notice that a person doesn’t stammer all the time when he or she speaks. There are certain moments when they are either anxious or fearful of something that they stammer. So an intelligent coach/therapist has to identify these moments. Also the coach/trainer has to constantly monitor the state of the client. After Rapport, Calibration and State Elicitation Rafi started applying Provocative Love with Dorothy. He Mimicked her and made fun of her false beliefs about stammering with a twinkle in his eye and love in his heart. If you are witnessing this therapeutic intervention for the first time then fasten your seat belts and get ready for a roller coaster.

Watching this itself can churn and spin your head. So you can imagine the state of the person who is going through this. The coach needs to have extra ordinary sense of humour and also need to trust his/her unconscious to provide the resources according to the flow of the session. “And trust me I have laughed more in the last 1 year since meeting Rafi than in my last 35 odd years of life”. Laughing your heart out in the most natural way is one of the 3 common elements in Rafi’s workshops. 2nd one being Suspense and I will just hold on to the 3rd common factor for you to experience during the program.

Rafi’s Magic

Man – this guy can just make you laugh for the whole day. Just seeing Rafi doing a Provocative Coaching session is worth the money that you pay for the entire Practitioner/Master Practitioner Workshop. I have seen hard core hard to crack nuts cry like babies at the end of Rafi’s Provocative Love and they transform. Dr Najeeb calls him the “Provocative Lover”. According to Edward De Bono – Provocation is one of the ultimate tools for Creative thinking and triggering the right brain and shutting down your conscious/left brain. After around 30 minutes of Provocative coaching Rafi set a resourceful kinaesthetic anchor and applied circle of excellence to shift Dorothy from her un-resourceful state to a resourceful state.

After that he asked her to recite a prayer from Bible to the audience where she used to stammer. And we witnessed that there was a shift that was taking place in Dorothy and couldn’t believe our eyes and ears. Yes, Dorothy was coming out of her stammering problem that she was carrying ever since she was 6 years of age. Yes, literally stammering cure happened. We started applauding and some of our eyes got watery seeing the transformation in this young girl. It was more than an hour by then. And we said great job Dorothy and superb Rafi, and there came a pattern interrupt for 24 of us. Rafi said “NOT YET.”

Magic of Change Team

Rafi is a person who won’t leave you until he removes the cause from the root. Now he has an army of more than 150 MAGIC OF CHANGE SPECIALISTS across India and other parts of the world, who are his students who are truly committed like him. I am one among that 150 and one of the 42 people who are doing 30 months apprenticeship with Rafi and this program is called DESIGN THE LIFE YOU LOVE. He doesn’t take everyone as an apprentice even if you pay. You need to portray that you are committed and willing to take effort to build robust skills.

Ok, Back to Dorothy…. How is my screen play ;)?? Rafi then asked Dorothy to sit next to him just looking at his eyes. And he did an Out of the World Hypnotising Hypnotic induction on Dorothy which just altered her entire state of consciousness. She was just looking at his eyes. She was there yet not there.

Life Changing Moment for Dorothy

And witnessing this we just went into an even deeper trance. After around 15 minutes he asked her to recite the same prayer from the bible. It was flawless! He got her out of the trance and she didn’t remember anything…..Anything at all. Whoop…! Rafi asked her to recite the same prayer twice to calibrate and I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was again flawless. Naturally, it was a miracle. Though Rafi won’t agree on the miracle part, for me it was a miracle. I will never forget what I witnessed that day. Now, just thinking about it gives goose bumps to me every now and then. Just imagine what would be your feeling if you were in my place!! Just come and witness.

Certain things need to be experienced. No words can compensate the experience you will have. He uses these master pieces only in extreme cases and it’s a treat to watch him in action and learn from him. Only people like Dr John Grinder and Richard Bandler have exhibited these Ninja skills. No wonder Dr Grinder personally mentors Rafi and once when Rafi asked Dr John Grinder, John how do you respond to all your students, Dr Grinder said – “I pick and choose carefully Rafi.” Otherwise I wouldn’t have a life my friend…

I will just say one thing – If you want to get knowledge then just Google and if your aim is Wisdom and Skills then Rafi is the Man for you!!!

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