In THE cave – Miracles don’t happen, they are created

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In THE cave





This is not just a story. It’s a breathtaking, extraordinary demonstration of the power each one of us has within us. It’s a story which has restored once again the amount of strength an average human has. This is about mind over matter, this is about willpower and this is about LIFE.

The whole world is celebrating in joy the miraculous escape of a coach and his team of 18 boys, from the Tham Luang cave wherein they got trapped due to heavy rainfall. The teenage boys were from the local football team “Wild Boars” and went into the Thai cave for celebrating the birthday of one of the boys.

The heavy rainfall forced the boys to run deeper into the cave, where they found a place to survive on an elevated rock, which was 4 km from the cave entrance.

And then, it took an amalgamation of divers across the globe and rescue teams to get every member of the wild boars team out of the dark cave. This is the human strength, faith and will to go limitless where nothing is impossible.  This is compassion, love, and ability to think ahead with clarity.

The Power Lies Within You

The miracle here is the sheer mental strength those 12 boys demonstrated, trapped in that cave. Their coach, a 25-year-old man gave them the strength to survive in the dark. The ability to remain calm and stable to find out ways, to be able to see what next they can do, to have their heart and mind aligned toward moving from darkness to light.

TRULY SPEAKING he gave the boys the ONLY skill which MATTERS.

The world doesn’t need more successful and famous people. What it needs is the little grin, he gave to the rescue team when he was discovered. That’s it, that’s what the world needs, that’s what I need and that’s what you need, to be able to have that grin that when we are stuck in caves of our own creation.

The coach trained them not just for winning, but for a living, and not just living, living with a grin. Their coach trained them to not lose their mental state when things go wrong. He trained them to be able to take decisions, and adapt to the situation and learn the skills fast. Their coach, 25 year old Ekapol Chantawong taught them LIFE much more than just a one football match.

This is what his family has to say about him:

“Ekapol is not motivated by money; he does it because he loves soccer and loves being with children”

“If we are to make peace in the world, we have to make peace within oneself”

-Dalai  Lama

Magic in the cave

This is what happened there in the dark flooded cave, when the young coach gave the boys his share of food and taught them how to survive by teaching them new ways to control their mind, there in the darkness.

And now when the boys are out of that darkness, it’s time to think what the most essential skill in creating miracles.

It is resilience, willpower, and a stable mind AND the ability to RESPOND and not REACT

How NLP can give you Mind Power?

Being an NLP Practitioner, this is one incident which has strengthened my belief in the power of the mind and the resources we all have within us.

Here is what I learned from the two weeks which united people irrespective of race and religions. And made us realize that all miracles happen when we are in alignment with our heart, mind, and gut…

This is what 5 takeaway to share with you from a perspective of Neuro-Linguistic Programming technique

1)    You have all the resources within you.

2)    The importance of peak state, a state where you have the ability to remain calm and RESPOND.

3)    If something is not working, try something new

4)    We perform best when our heart and mind and gut are aligned

5)    Importance of a good coach or trainer as he or she should be able to BE what he says and not just DO.


If you can just learn these skills, I am sure you also can make miracles by emerging from muddy water and darkness, because


Nupur Saxena lives in Noida with her sweet family and she absolutely loves all things Blue ... After working in Marketing Communications for 8 Years she is now figuring out LIFE with people around her. She is an ardent TEA lover and also takes life coaching sessions and workshops holding her cup of tea.
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