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August 24, 2018
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July 2, 2019

With countless and innumerable success stories experienced by our incredible participants from our last NLP Training in Mumbai, Magic of Change is here to weave stories of happiness, growth and success again.


In this Modern era TIME IS MONEY, SO WE AT Magic of change believe in fast, but sustainable changes. Today, certificates, degrees and titles are an integral part of our modern Identities what matters at the end of the day is, our confidence, our competence, our congruence and our belief system. These are the qualities which make or break us and Define Who we are and What we do? All these are our inner programming which can rely on to take us forward and give us a lasting edge.

 May be you need a breakthrough, or a  career boost, or you want to know yourself better, and  live a more purposeful life, Our NLP Programme in Mumbai is for people who want to take charge of their lives, to go beyond just solving surface problems. Someone who is willing to learn the formula for changes which last.

Have you ever thought that there are many people who are not smarter than you, but they’re doing better in their career and life? The Reason lie in the subconscious mind which is deciding what we do why we do? NLP training in Mumbai is making lives better for individuals, giving renewed sense of clarity and confidence, and walk in the world with a broader and deeper understanding of the mind. The beauty of it all lies in the fact that the answers come from within your own subconscious and deal with the root causes of issues, so the transformation is definitive and long-term.

 MAGIC OF CHANGE NLP trainings work on the core level to change unwanted behaviours, feelings and responses. The peak performance exercises help you to feel calm and ready even when situations and circumstances go hay way, you feel like a calm harbour surrounded by a stormy sea.

Our Program are Certified by American Board of NLP (ABNLP), and with more than 15 Year of  track record of transformation and change, we now present you our best version of personal growth, allowing you to gradually internalise the learning, improve your life and see the results you are yearning.

Here are few Techniques from the Gourmet platter of Techniques which will be taught at our NLP Training in Mumbai.

We will explore various techniques to transform our thinking and re-pack with better choices for our well-being.

  • Remove all fears and Phobias/ Unwanted Stress and Unwanted Habits
  • Move from Confusion and Crisis to competence and confidence
  • Create instant Rapport building with your Children and enrich healthier relationship with your child and family.
  • Learn skills which will give you strength to enhance and enrich your career
  • Change the way you communicate with your children and see them flourish
  • Achieve your long pending goals in less than a month with the help of powerful methods.

Here are some exclusive reasons, why NLP Training in Mumbai with Magic of Change is best.

 Post-Training Support-

As a new NLP Practitioner, you will want to know and share your learnings, once you start practicing the skills you have learnt during the 5-day NLP training Program in Mumbai. Magic of change provide you the platform where you can share your leanings from each other and you can accelerate your growth, post the workshop!

Totally Experiential Learning without any Power Point-

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” ― Benjamin Franklin

Unlike many other Trainers who are so absorbed on completing the training on a superficial level, we believe in experience and involvement of every participant in the workshop. This way skill is cemented within the participants and you can use it effortlessly

Limited Seats to ensure comprehensive and holistic learning-

For our NLP Practitioner batch in Mumbai, we take limited participants for our workshop to ensure maximum learning for you. You can easily approach the trainer at any time during the workshop and clear your doubts fully.

Adaptable and Fun Approach-

Our Trainer Mohammed Rafi has learned from almost 20 world renowned Trainers and therefore our NLP Training in Mumbai will give you a comprehensive perspective and deeper understanding. Our Workshops are full of laughter and fun where you can learn and connect deeply with people around you.

In short, some trainers only impart knowledge. While some trainers not only impart knowledge but also bring transformation in yourself in such a playful and jovial manner you won’t even realise until you have seen complete 360-degree shift.

Magic of change” is transforming lives across all cities AND we are the pioneers in the area of NLP Training in Chennai, NLP Training in Bangalore, NLP Training in Mumbai and have successfully transformed thousands of individuals through our Revolutionary workshops.

We invite you now for our 5-day Magic of change NLP Training in Mumbai

Who can attend?

  • Business Owners – Accelerate your Business curve exponentially and learn the art of managing team to get the best out of people by learning skills like Rapport, Calibration and effective communication. You will feel like having superpowers when you take important business decisions
  • Working and Training Professionals- Imagine that you keep adding feathers to your cap, by working at your Peak Performance always. Learn the art of effectively managing chaos in team and groups.
  • Parents –Learn powerful tools like Reframing to help your child gain resourceful beliefs. Cultivate the art of pattern detection and instantly change the un-resourceful patterns in your child which are hindrance in their success
  • Anyone who is Interested in personal development and want to get rid of any phobia, stress and anxiety.

Mohammed Rafi is a Trainer member with ABNLP AND ANLP UK.

CERTIFICATIONS- NLP Practitioner Level 1+ Hypnosis + coaching Certification.

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