Don’t Lose Weight. Create New Diet Plans with NLP

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How to regain mental fitness?
August 6, 2019
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August 11, 2019

There are thousands of diets plans in the market to try out and yet very few achieve the results. Over more than 90% of people who go on dieting fail. WHY? That’s because by dieting you are depriving yourself of the foods you really enjoy and later you give up and go back to your old eating habits and patterns. More than that your mind is not happy as you are giving up all those foods you really love and refrains you from dieting.

Losing weight takes more than just taking care of what you eat, you need to have the right approach and also right mind set in place to maintain it and the right positive motivation and goal behind it. Imagine getting some change at the unconscious level so that you find it easy to say ‘no’ to fatty foods, and are able to enjoy new healthier options that satisfy your hunger and your cravings and gives you a healthier and glowing skin.

And that’s where NLP (Neuro Linguistics Programming) comes into picture which provides techniques to help you remain fit and fab eating products you like.

Some of the NLP techniques are so simple, fast and effective that you t just won’t believe it!

1. Set your goal: Specifically, what is your ideal weight? Instead of focusing on how much weight you want to lose, which might be discouraging, I suggest you to focus on the weight you want to achieve. Focusing on a positive outcome will indeed motivate you much more.

2. Examine your current food intake: Perhaps get a food diary to keep track of what you eat. Are you eating a lot of processed food? Refined sugar? Carbs? What is the food you recognise doesn’t contribute towards your goal of being fit? Once you’ve made a list of the non-healthy food items, make a list of what food you would like to eat more of instead. That can include vegetables, proteins, fruits…

3. Choose healthy over junk comfortably: Use NLP tools such as the Swish or changing submodalities, to start shifting your tastes; you’ll train your brain to want more of the healthy food whilst disliking the junk one.

4. Adopt new exercises: What about your exercise pattern? Are you exercising regularly? If not, what’s stopping you from doing so? Lack of motivation? You need to write down the answers for all these questions.

5. Examine the emotions hidden behind the cravings: Sometimes there are some deeper underlying causes to over-eating. It may cover up for emotional emptiness, anxiety or even anger…you could find a right NLP coach to get rid of these emotions.

So enjoy those tips, and I’m looking forward to hearing how quickly you’ll shift your eating habits and look wonderful in your favorite dress.