Life Experiences – You cannot laugh at the same joke again, why you cry at the same problem again?

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August 11, 2019
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August 12, 2019

It is a Truth universally acknowledged that Life is a Sum of Experiences. Some good, some bad and a lot of our life experiences just sway by deciding our actions and reactions instantly. Isn’t it? Why is it that we celebrate our Problems and pain and cling to it and ignore all the enthusiasm and joy of all our happy moments just after few seconds? With this thought I Really want you to ponder over few questions listed below:

  • What are we chasing- Is it Pain or is it Happiness?
  • What do we associate ourselves with- Problems or Solutions?
  • What defines us-Struggle or Effortlessness?
  • What do you tell yourselves when there is an obstacle – Give up or Fight for it no matter what?

           Any of the answers you will choose is based on how you Perceive “Life EXPERIENCES”. And the best part of our lives is that we can LEARN to perceive things differently. We can stop seeing the “problems” in front of us and stop crying over it again and again. YES, it is possible!!! We can clear the Past baggage; we can choose to respond to a situation in a wise and balanced manner, we can face insurmountable obstacles if we are empowered with right set of tools and techniques.

Have you ever wondered that every problem we face is unique to us at that moment in life, but our response is always same; eliciting Fear, Frustration, Confusion, Anger and Helplessness and then we end up feeling stuck and end up doing NOTHING.

There are several instances in our daily lives when we have no control on the situation, or people around us, we don’t have control over other people’s opinions, behaviours, and words or even weather😊. Struggle arises when our perception of things is based on Past Experiences and Beliefs. Every problem doesn’t have to “MEAN” something as it does in the past, it can just be perceived as an Event in present moment without giving it some meaning.

 Imagine if we are empowered enough to use fully what we can control like –

  • Our Determination
  • Our Decisions
  • Our Past Judgements
  • Our Actions
  • Our Clarity and Creativity

This must become our Playing Field And when we can do this, then the Magic happens.  Leaders are created, Inventions are made, Empires are built. Books are published, and Space missions are being accomplished.

HERE ARE THREE THINGS WHICH CAN help you to take charge of your life and fill it with Joy:

  • Give yourself Clarity, Not Sympathy- It takes a lot of courage and consistent practice to take responsibilities and ownership of your emotions and come out of the Victim mentality. The first step is to become aware of the victim mindset in our mind which keeps on reminding us only of the problems in our lives. With the right set of NLP techniques like Hypnosis and Reverse psychology, it is possible to shift the mindset completely from Victim mode to Leadership Mode
  • Develop Objectivity- when we say things like “I missed the flight and it is BAD” – I Missed the flight is OBJECTIVITY and It is Bad is PERCEPTION. And then starts the emotional upheaval within a fraction of seconds leading us towards unresourceful behaviour. But with NLP and various other techniques like Peak Performance, Mind power and Mind Mastery under the umbrella of Magic of Change you can develop the art of subjectivity and not letting your emotions control you. Building Objectivity is like a muscle, it takes consistent Practice and right skill building under guidance and support of a right NLP coach.

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  •  Iterate, decide and learn to Move at a Supersonic Speed – One of the NLP presuppositions is- If something is Not working, do something New. You can Make your choice, whether to grow up, grow strong and let your mind and heart be at peace or to just lay there like a weakling. Take a clever decision, change the way you think, decide to grow and move towards joy and wisdom instead of crying over the problem. You can train you mind doing this effortlessly by learning NLP techniques which can accelerate your growth and make you reach your goal at a supersonic speed.

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Nupur Saxena lives in Noida with her sweet family and she absolutely loves all things Blue ... After working in Marketing Communications for 8 Years she is now figuring out LIFE with people around her. She is an ardent TEA lover and also takes life coaching sessions and workshops holding her cup of tea.