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August 11, 2019
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August 12, 2019

“The chains of habit are too weak to be felt until they are too strong to be broken.” 
Samuel Johnson

This is one of the most Profound lines about how our habits make our whole life because nearly everything is a habit. If you think you cannot eat healthy food and always end up binging on junk food, it is simply due to habit and not taste, if you think that letting go of the “Crippling Past” is not your nature, it is a HABIT. What you think is your nature in is Your HABIT.

The problem arises when we start mistaking our habits as who we are and start living our life defined by our fixed patterns, constantly reminding ourselves unconsciously that this is the only way to behave and exist. We are all creature of habits that forms and shapes our life, it’s only when they start overpowering and convincing us to believe everything we think about ourselves, it is time to gear up and start taking control of our life, to change and uproot every habit which is a hindrance to the life we desire for us.

The first step is simply to choose which behaviour or habit to transform first!  Every habit has an unconscious reason, many of us can’t change our behaviours because we can’t identify what is driving us unconsciously. Even if you do, it’s one thing to recognize a bad habit and a whole other to change it. It takes a lot of time and massive effort to change something so deeply rooted.

That’s where NLP comes in. Instilling new habits enrich our lives, our relationships, and our ability to create wealth and money— With the Power of NLP we can build positive habits to exponentially change the quality of our lives. With simple tools like Hypnosis, Swish and other powerful skills and exercises we can create quick and long lasting changes to behaviours and habits that are no longer serving us.

NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming will help you to change deep, unconscious habits, especially those that are damaging to our lives and our goals. It can be as simple as, putting yourself down, or as grave as drinking too much, getting nervous, or any other behaviour that isn’t in alignment with what you want in your life. NLP will help you to change your habits by finding “what drives you” instead of “This makes sense”. This is how you become inexplicably drawn to the work you do and become passionate about change.

And if you feel flawed and feel discomfort about not able to change your habit, please don’t consider it as a shortcoming, it is your own trigger, your passion, your desire, which want you to change your life.

Discomfort is always a Virtue for Growth and Change. Accept it. USE IT for your change!!!

It is just about Rewiring the Brain for new pathways which is in alignment with your passion, your interest and your identity, once your brain’s neural pathways are changed, it will automatically change your behaviour and habits. An unbelievable but true story of Mr Ain Ain Shahidi who quit smoking with the help of NLP and said “it was truly a reforming experience for him and his urge to smoke was completely out of him.”

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Nupur Saxena lives in Noida with her sweet family and she absolutely loves all things Blue ... After working in Marketing Communications for 8 Years she is now figuring out LIFE with people around her. She is an ardent TEA lover and also takes life coaching sessions and workshops holding her cup of tea.