Training in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to boost mind power

How students can learn NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and benefit from it?
August 12, 2019
What NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can do for Corporates?
August 12, 2019

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a training related to your mind functioning. It makes us aware of our mind power. It also helps us to know how to use our mind power. We are what our beliefs are.. NLP helps us to reframe our subconscious mind with resourceful beliefs and remove unresourceful beliefs.

NLP and Human Behaviour

NLP helps us to understand Human Behaviour from different angles like behavioural patterns, representational systems, rhythmic movements of breathing, eye blinks, etc. Once you understand it, (for you and for others around you) then it’s very easy for you to connect with them at same level which will build a strong connection with them. NLP will give you better understanding of a person or a situation.

NLP is also used to change anybody’s unresourceful state with resourceful state with different tools like metaphors, reframing, social panorama, sub modalities, clean language etc.

A person’s behaviour is a presentation of their belief systems. Some beliefs are good (resourceful) for us and some are bad (unresourceful). Unresourceful beliefs harm the person in different ways. That’s why it is important to remove such unresourceful and limiting beliefs. It helps people to reprogram their subconscious mind, a super natural power within a person. When a person’s subconscious mind directed in a right direction you can notice total transformation in a person.

NLP is used as a powerful therapy to people who are suffering from depression, addictions, phobia’s, stress related issues, lack of confidence, low self-esteem etc. Even there are cases where NLP has cured people suffering from migraine, spondylosis, asthama etc. (It is because some diseases are psychosomatic).

Till now we have seen how NLP is used for personal development. Now we will see How it is useful in Professional growth as well and improves mind power.

How NLP is beneficial for professional life?

Clean Language: It is very important for corporates in business to have clean Language questions to understand clients’ requirement and to maintain strong relations. This module of NLP helps the person to go on a deeper level of thought process and find out the roots or areas of development. Person gets clarity.

Meta Models: During our communication we do Distortion, Deletion and Generalisation of information. Which leads to miscommunication and wrong message delivery and understanding. To avoid such mess we need to understand Meta Models.

Rapport: It means being in sink or unconscious rhythmic synchronisation. NLP will teach you how we can build rapport with a person understanding their rhythmic movements, tonal variations, mirroring, pausing and lot more tricks. All corporates are well aware how much rapport building is necessary for prosperity of business…

Reframing: “Mindset matters a lot” isn’t it?? Situations keep on changing. It is your mindset that matters. Positive attitude leads to good outcome. In today’s tough competitive world it is most needed mind frame. Here you will learn it.

Representational System: A person grasp information or give it to others in their particular representational system. If we learn this, we will understand in which system person communicates. Once you understand it you can quickly connect with that person using same system by practice.

Peak Performance State: This is very very important state of mind. It is your unshakable state of mind which one can achieve through certain specially designed exercises. It helps person to keep focus, goal achievement, improve creativity, development of new neurons in brain, building confidence, concentration, etc. When you are in this state you are unstoppable from your achievement. No one (a person or a situation) can distract you.

Reprograming person’s Subconscious mind: Hope you all aware about the powers of our subconscious mind. Our mind is like an ice-berg. So conscious mind has very little role compared to huge role of subconscious mind in person’s life. “The unconscious mind records all 1001 little details the conscious mind neglects.” Imagine when we reprogram our subconscious mind with resourceful conditions and remove our limiting beliefs, unresourceful conditions then what will be the results…?? There are lot of different techniques through which it can be done.

These are the points I felt very useful for corporates. (Not only for corporates but for anyone from any field) NLP is really best and effective.

These are the few uses of NLP:

1. To get clarity of thoughts.

2. To improve creativity and innovative thinking.

3. To gain focus and concentration.

4. To clear past baggage of hate, regret, guilt, sadness, etc.

5. To clear negative emotions.

6. To Reframe mind with positivity by altering or removing limiting beliefs.

7. To be in a PEAK State of mind.

8. To build healthy relations by understanding people around you.

9. To avoid conflicts.

10. To develop people’s own natural thinking power.

11. To remove phobia’s, addictions, fears, anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, bad habits, etc.

12. To improve communication and rapport building.

13. To achieve desired goal and to live healthy and happy life.

14. To find out best choice among all options.

The list will go on and on….

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