What NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) can do for Corporates?

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August 12, 2019
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August 14, 2019

NLP has wide spread benefits because of its utility and faster results. NLP is useful to any person who wants to accelerate the growth. It is useful on personal as well as professional level.

NLP for Enterprises

Why the corporates are preferring NLP is because it is benefiting each sector and each level.  Right from the top level management to the downline, NLP helps to improve your mindset, perception, creativity, performance, stress handling, healthy rapport building, communication and many more business related key factors.

Any business or corporate’ performance is based on its vision. If there are people who does not have a clear vision in the company’s top level management specifically then the results will not be satisfactory. Because their thought process will not be in right direction. The people who lacks clear vision, goal setting, decision making ability will harm the company’s growth. NLP helps to give clarity of thoughts, improves decision making ability and creativity which helps corporates to get innovative ideas.

Any corporate leader should have strong mindset to face challenges. When it comes to production or presentation of ideas the interpersonal relations and skills plays vital role. Without good interactions within each department no corporate can give healthy output.

If there are any differences in internal departments it will hamper the growth of a person as well as the organization. That is why smooth functioning is very important, which is possible by improving communication skills and building rapport. NLP helps to improve these skills.

NLP also helps to get the employees in their PEAK State of mind. The person who is in PEAK state gives faster, improved, extraordinary outputs. NLP is also recommended for front end staff who we call as a face of the company to clients. Customers builds a picture or an image of the company by looking at front end staff and the presentation of company’s product or services. There are different modules of NLP which improves the total effect and impact in corporates team building and getting best output. The team which is a solution oriented can generate faster business output. Strong bonding with customers helps any organization to get increased and repetitive sales.

Let’s check out the benefits of NLP for Corporates:

1. Clarity: If the objectives are not clear in person’s mind the output will not be satisfactory. There will be aimless efforts which will lead in loss of energy and time. There will be wastage of resources available. It is always better to walk slow on right direction than running in wrong direction. In any businesses and/ or even in big corporates clarity about company’s vision, goals, job roles, systems and processes is required right from top to bottom level. NLP helps anyone to get clarity of thoughts.

2. Creativity: NLP has some exercises which are specially designed and have proven results. These exercises helps to improve right side of brain which is related to creativity, art etc. These exercises not only helps to improve creativity (which leads to innovative ideas to improve business) but also increase decision making ability, focus, concentration, motor skill development, zero internal dialogues state of mind which helps the person in numerous ways like – reducing anxiety, anger, stress level, confusion, etc.

3. PEAK State of mind – Peak state of mind is a state where a person is Unshakable from his/her goal achievement. The person is in highest performance level. The person feel confident, energetic, enthusiastic, totally focused and concentrated towards what he/she wanted to achieve. In this state of mind even if there are any hindrance or obstacles or situations arise which can affect the performance, the person will overcome any difficulty and find out solutions to achieve the goal with his/her fullest potentials. NLP helps any person to achieve this Peak state with specially designed exercises. Any business or corporate sector will be benefited with such employees who will have Peak state of mind.

4. Rapport building – Any business or corporate will grow and survive if it have strong interpersonal bonding. It is a skill. Normally all corporate trainings cover this key factor. But what’s special in NLP is it helps us to build unconscious rapport with any person or client. When the person is in unconscious rapport with another person the MAGIC happens. Deals can be cracked in easier and effortless ways. Team building will be easier. People become flexible to accept changes. It will also help front end team to capture more customers. All departments will be in synchronization. So naturally output will increase.

5. Communication skills – Again this one is very vital key factor in any corporate to achieve success. Many trainers also give different techniques or methods to improve your communication skills. But NLP is different than other training methods. Why? Because it makes the person aware that in which sensory language the other person is communicating. After identifying the preferred language patterns of other person when a person starts communicating in the same pattern, then there will be very healthy discussion of ideas. Impact will be more on person’s mind. It is not that BIG things matters the most but small things makes the difference. Communication is no doubt a Big thing to keep healthy relations but what matters is the smallest fine tunings in communication.

6. Positive and Proactive mind set – NLP modules helps the trainer or coach (or we can even call a therapist) to find out what is negative or limiting the person growth. Negative thinker cannot give good results. Such people will see problem in any situation. Such people not only harm their personal growth but also leaves impact on organization’s growth. NLP helps to find out limiting beliefs of a person and then reframe it with positive beliefs. With altered state of mind a person easily achieves expected results. People with positive and proactive mindset are blessings to any company.

7. Healthy Company culture – Every person wants to be in a healthy atmosphere. If employees get a healthy atmosphere at work then it is observed that their performance goes up. They will utilize their highest potentials. More open thought sharing will be there which also leads to getting correct feedback for improvements and innovative ideas. There will be less iteration rate of employees. Employees will be more productive and loyal.

8. Modelling of other leading Corporates – One of the major key module of NLP is Modelling. With help of this module any person or corporate can model the other expert or leading person or corporate company. It will automatically helps the person or corporate to achieve same results or same level of excellence. Impossible gets I M Possible.

9. Counselling and mentoring – HR team of any corporate have to deal with different types of people. NLP gives an extended helping hand and better understanding of human behaviour to HR team. With such kind of awareness they can easily understand the needs of a person and come up with better solutions to resolve the issues. A person who learns different modules of NLP can be a good counselor and mentor. Thus HR team can help in grooming the employees.

10. Team building – With good communication skills, rapport building, positive and proactive mind set, peak state performance level, creative team, clear mind sets about achievements and assignments any corporate can build strong team. When pillers are strong the walls can reach greatest heights. NLP gives total impact of all major key factors.

These are in brief we discussed few points which are beneficial to corporates if they use NLP. There are other numerous ways in which NLP helps person and Corporates to achieve accelerated success.

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