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August 14, 2019
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August 17, 2019

“A Leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.” True leaders always walk their talks. Leadership requires certain qualities like courage, confidence, empathy, creativity, decision making, sustainability, communication skills, high energy, etc.

Leaders are those who influence people by their own example. To be an influencer the person should have exceptional qualities to stand out than others. Leaders always perform best. They even do mistakes…of course we all are human. But leaders don’t put blame of their mistake on others. They are open to take suggestions from others. They empower others. They believe in others too. Delegate authority. Appreciate others. Leaders are like the String holding different Gems. To be a leader, a person requires few inborn qualities like courage, confidence, and empathy. The other qualities can be learnt and practiced like enhancing creativity, decision making ability, clarity of mind, peak state of mind, communication skills etc.

If we observe this quote above, it is mentioned that Leadership is a way of thinking, acting and communicating. Here the NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) comes into picture. Neuro is related to our conscious and unconscious thinking patterns; Linguistic is related with how the person communicates? or impact of language on people and self; Programming because how the person acts creates the impact on others. Use of NLP modules can get major shifts in a person to become a LEADER.

How NLP brings out the leadership potential in you?

1. Improves communication skills: NLP helps a person to improve communication skills. There are modules in NLP like rapport building, calibration, representational system, eye accessing cues, etc. When a person knows how to use these modules of NLP for effective communication, the person’s relationships gets stronger and stronger. To be an influencer, a leader’s communication skills plays a very vital role.

2. Improves creativity: Leader has to be creative. It helps to find out different solutions in any critical situation also. Leader with improved creativity gives different alternatives to perform the task. It will also help to utilize the available resources in best way.

3. Clarity of mind: To be a good leader clarity of thought process is much needed. If the leader is confused, he/she will mislead the followers. There will be no satisfactory results and only wastage of time, energy and resources. NLP helps a person to gain clarity of mind.

4. Sustainability: Leaders face different challenges and circumstances. A leader should be ready to handle any kind of pressure without losing state of mind. Still mind finds out right solutions. These behaviors of a leader inspires others in any difficult situation. NLP helps person to achieve this state of mind.

5. Peak State of mind: When a person is in a peak state he/she has more confidence, courage, energy, determination, focus, concentration, and clarity. No one can shake him from achieving the target he has planned. NLP helps person to achieve this PEAK State of mind through specially designed and proven exercises.

6. Free from Negative emotions: NLP modules helps a person to get rid of his/her anxiety, fears, confusions, anger, phobias and jealousy etc. in short all negative emotions. Negative emotions harm the person as well as others in contact.

7. Decision making ability: NLP helps to develop decision making ability of a person. Leaders need to have this skill. He has to choose the best option between different options available. Right decision at right time will give satisfactory output.

8. Rapport building: NLP gives you ways to build unconscious rapport with a person. Rapport building is very important for durability. It makes relations stronger. It is a very important factor. When a person is in unconscious rapport with another person there will be more openness in discussions, it becomes easy to achieve desired outcomes easily.

9. Self-motivation: Leaders has to be self-motivated. Once a person learn different modules of NLP, it can be easily used to gain better state of mind. A person can easily reframe or reprogram his unconscious mind and solve the problems on its own. The person who is self-motivated, inspires others too.

10. Understanding of people: NLP helps leaders to understand another person. To be a best leader it is very important to understand other people. That will build strong connection between them. Without followers a leader is nothing. Leadership is walking together on same path.

11. Healthy Relations and culture: With use of NLP modules any person can learn to do counselling of team members. It improves understanding of each other. When a leader is aware of expectations of the team he helps them to achieve their individual goals which will create a healthy atmosphere in company.

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