NLP Modelling – A powerful learning process

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August 14, 2019
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August 14, 2019

What is NLP Modelling?

NLP modeling means copying the skills and making them available to others to learn. One of the best benefits of learning NLP is that you can adopt any kind of skill, yes I mean any kind of skill and behavior that you would love to be a part of you that others have it. It’s like copying the micro muscle movement or mirroring the micro neurons of a person you wish to model. Skills that we possess in life contain strategies that are hidden deep down in our system and when we are good at something we can repeat the strategies again and again. This enables us to replicate our skill assuming that certain conditions are met.

The important points that can be focused on before modeling are:

  • What are the behavioral patterns of the successful person?
  • How does she/he achieve her/his results?
  • What did she/he do that is different from a person who is not successful?
  • What is the difference that makes the difference?
  • When you have all the pieces put together, you can refine and sequence the model.

NLP Modelling is a powerful process that can accelerate learning of skills. Strong modeling practices are the basis of good NLP training.

Richard Bandler was a model of excellence. He alongwith John Grinder modeled three psychotherapist Virginia Satir, Milton Erickson and Fritz Perls.

This is a simple example of taking a dog for a walk. To give you a rough idea of how NLP modeling works.
Following set of questions can be asked.

What exactly do they do? Get a precise description of the activity
How do they do it? This provides more detail than the What question. Do they use a dog leash? A long or short leash? Do they talk to the dog? Do they notice their surroundings? Do they walk fast or slowly? Do they use a poop scoop? etc.
When do they do it? Morning and/or evening? Every day?
Where do they do it? Local park? Country walks?
Why do they do it? What motivates them to do it? What they get out of taking the dog for a walk?

Modelling can be done at conscious level and at an unconscious level also.

            Kids are the best examples of unconscious modeling. They start the modeling at the age of less than 2 yrs itself. Such kind of modeling is called unconscious modeling. We don’t teach the kids how to walk exactly step by step, which step has to be taken first whether left leg or right leg, in which manner they need to walk. They learn all this skills unconsciously by watching the elders in their home. It may be either elder brother, sister, mother, father or any of the member from the family.

            Conscious hypnosis means you are aware of that you are copying a particular behavior of a particular person say a teacher, a topper in the class, a successful businessman, an actor or any other person whom you like to be like or is your idol. To learn the skills of conscious modeling you need a proper coach or a mentor or an experienced trainer.

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