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Dreams don’t work unless you take action. The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.” 
― Roy T. Bennett

Reading is one of greatest gifts given to mankind. It widens and broadens our perspective, our thinking and our emotions, directing our thinking to empower changes in our lives, however, the actual changes are made only when we act. That is the part when actual Re-wiring in the brain starts and new neural pathways are formed based on actions and experiences.

So, what is the most important tip for success, so here it is …DO MORE, ITS THAT SIMPLE. Success come to those who are ready to act. The worst place to be is right at the edge, preparing to act but holding yourself back even when you have your motivation, you are feeling good, everything is super, yet you hold back. The only solution is to just DO IT.

1. Action Trumps Everything

Absolutely nothing is more important than Getting it done. No amount of positive thinking, studying or reading books will EVER substitute your taking an action. It is extremely crucial to DO the things you learn about. Then you can begin to build an applicable understanding of the subject. Taking CONSISTENT, DYNAMIC AND MEASURABLE Actions, every single day, however small and miniscule it seems is vital for success and happiness.

We spend a lot of time thinking about how things are supposed to be … or what the rules say we should do, trying to get it all perfect. We tell ourselves that we will get started once the conditions are right, or once we are sure we can trust this or that. JUST get Moving.

The longer the knowledge sits in your head without being acted upon, the weaker it becomes. After a few days, details will start to become hazy. After a week, it is forgotten completely. If you would have acted on that idea, it could have manifested instantly, bringing you instant success and happiness but you will never know if you don’t DO anything by not acting. You will only have a memory of having an idea, rather than grow with that idea.

2.Actions create DESTINY

Watch your thoughts, for they become words.
Watch your words, for they become actions.
Watch your actions, for they become habits.
Watch your habits, for they become your character.
Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny.

-Old Proverb

Habits are the small decisions you make and actions you perform every day. It’s central to understand that change and success is a continuing progression. You can actually change habits for the good to perform new actions. The more you repeat a new action, the more natural it becomes, but if you never start, it will never become a habit. One of the ways to start a new habit is –

  • Start with Measurable Actions
  • Keep Minimum Distractions in external Environment
  • Don’t Strive for Perfection but Progression
  • Keep simple goals.

3. Actions helps you to make Decisions

Small steps are well-designed approach to decision making. That’s because each of those small steps sends currents in your map of the world. Your situation is never the same from day to day, because the world is in a dynamic state of flux. Once you take a small step you get new information and now you can consider the situation from a different perspective.” 

We will never know what work and what don’t work for us, if we don’t take any action. So, we need to take numerous actions, to clear our confusion and Rewire our Brain for new Pathways and Beliefs. In many instances action is better than planning an action. You cannot know all the difficulties you are going to face in a project before you start it, so start it and solve those difficulties.

Action is greater than thought.

Action now is better than action later.

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