How to rewire emotions and break the pattern of routine life?

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September 2, 2019
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I was watching a video by Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how to take control of your mind? In this video. He tells us, how we can rewire our emotions and overcome unwelcome symptoms that unfortunately can keep one from finding happiness. He explained it so well.

What a person normally do in his/her day to day life? Get up in the morning. Recollect past memories or think about the problems. The memories can be good or bad. Those memories may be happy, sad, annoying, frustrating, etc. With every memory our emotions are attached. It triggers some neural paths in our brain and according to that emotion the chemicals will be released in the body. Negative emotions like sadness, guilt, anger, frustration etc. produce harmful hormones and positive emotions like love, happiness, gratitude, etc. produce good hormones. All these process impact our thoughts ➡️ our mood ➡️ our behaviour ➡️ our actions ➡️ our results. So if the person wakes up and thinks about any past negative memory it will surely mess up his day in some or the other way.

How you think or how you feel creates your state of being.

People when think about their past life experiences they attract same things in future too. Most of the people have this habit of checking messages on WhatsApp, FB, Instagram, twitter, etc. They feel connected with the world by doing this. But do they really feel happy by doing this? It depends on their thought process. Virtual world can be different than reality and it is different most of the times. So then where and how we can find happiness and smile?

People follow same routine every day like waking up from same place, taking shower, finishing rest of the same morning tasks, going to office from the same route, meeting same people, doing the same things. This routine becomes a subconscious program. Thus they lost their free will. Soon they become reluctant to change. Our subconscious plays 95% of role as against 5% of conscious. So when a person decide to change with his 5% consciousness; it becomes difficult to reprogram the 95% subconscious govern behaviour. One will say I want to be happy, I want to be healthy etc. But that person’s body which is ruled by unconscious will not be ready to adapt the change.

Then how to change habits for the good?

For this person to break the pattern and realize what he is doing wrong and go beyond analytical mind, which separates conscious mind and subconscious mind; he can meditate to slow down the brain waves. A person consciously need to practice to control his unconscious patterns. Whenever a person is recollecting the memories, and if he/she realizes it consciously, then they have to stop it immediately.

Do Things Differently

Following routine lifestyle will give the same results to that person. If the person is thinking about past life sooner or later he will attract the same life in future. One needs to do things differently if he/she expects different results. Try to add value in your each passing day. Do the things differently which will help you to disrupt your old patterns. Slowly you will see a new image of yourself.

Relaxed Sleep

Sleep is very important to maintain physical as well as mental health. You can also regain mental fitness through powerful exercises. Your body and brain gets healed and repaired during sleep. Our toxins gets removed during sleep. To wake up with a smiling face it is very important what you think while sleeping. If your thoughts are not pleasant while going to bed then you will wake up in the morning with same unpleasant thoughts. Throughout the night your unconscious mind will be programmed by your thoughts. So think positive while sleeping. Keep watching your beautiful vision about your life.

Focus on Future

The simple way is visualising about better future than to be in past. One need to do it again and again. Our brain doesn’t know the difference in real world and imaginary world. So when the person again and again keep a same vision, his thoughts gets focused on it. The body will start responding with your thoughts.

The Pathway to Happiness

Don’t wait for the outside world for your happiness. It is within you. When a person starts feeling happy, content, abundant from within, he attracts same thing in life. When a person disconnects from an outer world he connect with the self. Close your senses as much as possible like close your eyes, no taste, no smell etc. it will enhance your focus. Give command to your body to obey the mind. When you do this repeatedly your body starts reacting in same way. Thus you can reprogram your mind and body to see happiness.

Till now what we discussed is mainly about changing our unconscious patterns.

Now there are certain things one can do consciously like

  1. Switch off mobiles, TV, Laptop, Computers before going to bed.
  2. Spend Quality Time with family. Discuss good things about the future.
  3. Prepare a to do list. This will help to memorise the tasks you are going to perform in a day and will make your day smoother. A Good Day will help to get good night.
  4. Prioritise the work. It will help to live in order to avoid chaos.
  5. Think, speak, hear, watch, read, do good things before going to bed.
  6. Avoid arguments, skip topics which may lead to arguments.
  7. Meditate
  8. Listen to soft music
  9. Do deep breathing

Keep smiling and stay happy and healthy.

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