March 30, 2020
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August 5, 2020

Lockdowns can be nerve-racking especially when there is an alarming threat of a pandemic like the COVID-19 a.k.a, Coronavirus. Whilst a majority of the population in the country is feeling stressed with having a little too much time at hand, to not knowing how to use it judiciously and productively, a Business Coach from Trivandrum, Kerala, has turned this lockdown period into his goldmine of opportunities to earn as high as 3 lakh rupees in just under 3 days!!

Mohammed Rafi TF, from Trivandrum, Kerala is an Internationally renowned Behavioral Scientist, ABNLP-Certified NLP Master Trainer & Peak Performance Business Coach, who is also the founder of Magic of Change which is an emerging game changer in the domain of personal and professional development.

With over 15 years of experience in the same and having been trained personally by world-class leadership and behavioral science experts, Rafi has never been the one to give up when life does not let him carry on with his plans. A month ago, when the imminent lockdown was looming over the nation, being the sagacious person that he is, Rafi cancelled all his offline workshops pan-India and plunged himself into devising a sustainable business model to generate revenue from the comforts of his own home.

What began as a 45-minute free webinar on how to manage stress during the lockdown period, led to further hosting 5 such free webinars in tandem on various epoch-making topics, in just under a week! The free webinars garnered a thundering participation of over 1500 people from across the globe and paved the way to introduce the 14-days live group coaching online workshop – “Success Momentum” for entrepreneurs, working professionals and self-employed people, aimed at enhancing their productivity, financial and business skills and behavioral transformation.

The sales pitch for “Success Momentum” was initiated during the free webinars and further marketed primarily through email campaigns, and social media platforms like Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin. This helped Magic of Change attract over 100 registrations for the program in just a day.

Moreover, the series of free webinars was also used as a medium to promote, market and sell their 15-days exclusive, intensive, online workshop – “Super Kids” for children aged between 7-13 years. Being the first of its kind, and facilitated by multiple expert teachers and masters in the fields of magic, martial arts, yoga, music, beatboxing, zentangle, memory enhancement, etc., the pilot session of “Super Kids”, pumped up with 15 children, was rolled out successfully even before concluding the series of free webinars.

The registrations for the two online workshops flooded the treasury of Magic of Change with a revenue of INR 3 Lakhs in just 3 days since the time of marketing them!! Apart from this a number of people in the tribe of Magic of Change, under Rafi’s guidance, have discovered ways to earn more money within the confines of their own homes, and 10 of those sure-shot ways that have been divulged by Rafi are:

  1. Signup on websites like FIVERR where you have the liberty of selling your services like writing blogs, voice-overs, social media account management; CAPTCHATYPERS for data entry jobs; CHEGG INDIA for content support management and subject matter expertise that you may be able to offer
  2. Teaching children of parents who are occupied with work-at-home projects through online platforms is a great way to make money if you know your way with kids! All you need to do is put a word out that you are a pretty decent babysitter who can offer fun learning experiences. Rafi has created a business model where he hired a children’s coach to teach and manage his 6-year old daughter, online, for 20 days, for an hour a day at INR 2500/- so that she learns new skills, and he can have some alone time for himself to prep for his workshops
  3. Go ahead and de-clutter your homes this lockdown season and sell away those products that you no longer need or use, on various platforms like E-Bay or OLX and make money out of it!
  4. Come up with creative contests to run on your social media platforms where people can participate and win discount coupons for other services that you are offering. This will build more traction for the products or services that you are selling
  5. There are multiple digital marketing courses for less than INR 1000/- that can make you an expert in digital marketing. Enroll, learn and have your own digital marketing startup that is based out of your home!
  6. If you are a good writer, then use your skillset to write content for blogs and websites. There are many websites and brands who are on the lookout for content writers who can work from home. A mere charge of INR 1/- per word can earn you upto INR 1500/- for an article you write
  7. Conduct interviews of celebrities from different domains and publish them as podcasts that can attract a revenue for you
  8. Write an e-book on nonfiction or fiction and sell it on Amazon!!
  9. Find freelance opportunities in various domains on websites like, and earn a good deal of money by working from home
  10. Start an online video course on platforms like Udemy, Coursera or Teachable and sell it. You will continue to receive revenue even after the lockdown period dies down

So use this lockdown season to upskill yourself and earn money alongside, and all it takes is sufficient time, which you most surely will have, and the discipline to work towards fattening your bank accounts by not stepping out of your home!

If you are looking to earn more, then collaborate with Magic of Change where you can be a part of the novel business model that welcomes experts from different domains with their unique style of delivery and impeccable content to facilitate in Rafi’s upcoming online workshops, and also avail an opportunity to promote their own brands as well, thus initiating and sustaining many flourishing, symbiotic business relationships.