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August 5, 2020

“A playful Devil in the head, an Angel at heart, and a Magician with his hands!”, is what anyone, who has had the privilege of learning the art and science of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) from Mohammed Rafi T F, the best NLP trainer in India, would congruently say.

Mohammed Rafi is hands-down the only NLP trainer in India, who calls a spade a spade in his forthright approach of using NLP techniques, infused with a prolific sense of humour, to bring about personal development in you, through intrinsic transformation. Rafi is undoubtedly the most humble, emotionally intelligent and the best NLP trainer in India whose focus on personal transformation of the human life, is as steadfast as Arjuna’s eye on his arrow and his target.  

Being a perennial learner that he is, Rafi thrives to be an unfathomable ocean of knowledge, a trait that fortifies his ability to offer to you, a diverse and rich learning experience in all his training sessions.  Moreover, he has a unique eye for spotting and nurturing raw talent in people, and is known to have identified and mentored some of the most successful people in the world today.


Mohammed Rafi’s exemplary NLP training from the co-creator of NLP, John Grinder, and his meritorious academic qualifications along with his unparalleled corporate experience make him the best NLP trainer in India.

Rafi holds a Master’s degree in Human Resources and Training from the acclaimed Mahatma Gandhi University in Kottayam, Kerala. He is also an alumnus of the much sought-after Management Development Program in the School of Communication and Management Studies, Cochin, Kerala. Having equipped himself with a solid academic foundation, Rafi went on to get himself certified as an international NLP trainer through the exceptional Train The Trainer (TTT) program under the mentorship of John Grinder himself.

If it’s his academic background that speaks volumes, Rafi’s corporate experience is no less! And that’s also what makes him the best NLP trainer in India as Rafi is well aware of, and fully understands the corporate culture and its nature of functioning, which makes it effortless for him to connect with this corporate clients and offer them supremely effective, contextual interventions. In his flavourfully seasoned professional career of over fifteen years, Rafi has worked his magic through his phenomenal leadership coaching, impactful sales interventions and team building strategies, and exclusive NLP workshops with a multitude of teams from more than 100 corporate organizations, making him the most experienced and undoubtedly, the best NLP trainer in India. Some of the corporate biggies that Rafi has worked with include: the Indian multinational conglomerate – Reliance Industries Limited; the leading retailer of India – Future Retail Limited; the pan-Indian leading chains of hotel, such as Novotel and Ibis; the Information Technology (IT) and business consulting giants like Infosys, and Ernst & Young (EY); engineering pioneers such as Patel Energy Limited, Tata Chemicals, and the Thyssenkrupp Elevators Co., Ltd.; multinational pharmaceutical companies like Lupin Limited; the Indian mass media giant – Sun TV Network; and the world renowned tourism authority of God’s Own Country – Kerala Tourism Development Corporation (KTDC).

Aside from the fact that Rafi has had a prominent corporate experience and academic background that makes him India’s best NLP trainer, another alluring feather adorning his hat is his versatile bevy of mentors who have sculpted him into the person that he is today. From John Grinder – the Co-creator of NLP, under whose mentorship Rafi carved his niche as the best NLP trainer in India; to Marshall Goldsmith – the world’s leading Executive Leadership Coach; to James Tsakalos – NLP Trainer and Innovator, and Developer of the field of Spiral Somatics that dwells deep into the concept of ontological flexibility; to Dr. Rob McNeilly, Director at CET The Milton H. Erickson Institute of Tasmania and ardent student of the celebrated American hypnotist-psychiatrist, Dr. Milton H. Erickson,  Rafi has been blessed to have learnt from the crème of the internationally acclaimed coaches and mentors in the field of personal development.

In addition to his international mentors, Rafi has a star-studded galaxy of indigenous mentors and coaches who have helped him acquire exceptional skills that augment the quality of his work and life as India’s best NLP trainer. Rafi has learnt from and associated with the internationally famed interactive illusionist, R. Raja Moorthy, Director at the Academy of Magical Sciences, India; international coach and pioneer in the field of unconscious biases, Smita Tharoor, Founder of Tharoor Associates and Co-founder of Culturelytics; and Dr. KJ Joseph, fondly known as the Indian Bruce Lee, a title conferred upon him for his 3 Guinness World Records in the field of Martial Arts.

Mohammed Rafi is the only Indian coach and NLP trainer in India to co-author a book on coaching with the likes of world’s leading coaches such as David Allen – famed for his time management method called “Getting Things Done – The Art of Stress-free Productivity” (GTD) and his international best seller book under the same name, and Ron Kaufman – Customer Service Expert and Coach and author of New York Time’s Bestseller, “Uplifting Service”.


Getting trained on the tools and techniques of NLP is a boon for anyone aspiring to practically transform their way of thinking, reprogram the approach towards their professional and personal lives, and for healing from past trauma or undesirable past events, to have a successful, wholesome, and happier life. It was with this very intention that John Grinder and Richard Bandler, studied, analysed, modelled and experimented on the works of renowned therapists in the seventies such as Virginia Satir, Fritz Perls, Milton H. Erickson and many more, thus, co-creating the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP in that process. And, Rafi has personally learnt and trained under John Grinder himself – the most prestigious credential that has given him an edge over his contemporaries and worthy of making him the best NLP trainer in India.

Rafi’s NLP training and coaching has enabled him to nurture the success journey of multiple world achievers in the domains of sports, business excellence, coaching, leadership roles, entrepreneurship, behavioural transformations, and peak performance. He is the only NLP trainer in India who has had the experience and professional finesse in training and coaching even kids, as young as six years of age. Rafi’s training is much sought-after by the leadership teams of many corporate giants and NGOs, top Civil Servants in the country, Harvard and Stanford graduates, reputed members of the hospitality and medical industries, and by some of the best universities in the country as well as in Asia.

Moreover, Rafi’s training focuses on Classic Code NLP that empowers the learners with the ability to consciously choose an NLP resource, blended perfectly with New Code NLP to allow intrinsic transformation to occur unconsciously. The uniquely diverse set of clientele from various domains, and an intricately designed training approach have made it possible to offer customized and tailored NLP-based training interventions, thereby, making Rafi’s training the best NLP training in India.


Rafi, out of his unshakeable desire to positively impact as many lives as possible through his NLP training services, founded the organization called “Inspiring Citizen”, which was later christened as “Magic of Change”, the fruit of his ambition. Through Magic of Change (MOC), Rafi has been able to build and grow a “tribe of world achievers”, as he fondly likes to call it. Rafi’s spectacular NLP Practitioner workshops include the beginners level, masters and beyond mastery levels.

Conducted over a span of five days each, the workshops offer a holistic experience of personal transformation amidst a scenic and ecologically wondrous setting, presided over by models of excellence from various domains, in addition to the international certifications granted after the successful completion of each level. And the interesting element that you might find in every one of his workshops is that each workshop is extremely unique and bears no semblance of repetitive content, examples or activities! Moreover, Rafi is the only NLP trainer in India who neither indulges in the rote learning of content nor the monotony of power point presentations. He goes beyond his way to ensure that his learners have an immersive and transcendental experience through engaging and hands-on training activities.  This proves that he is indeed the best NLP trainer in India who takes utter care that every one of his training workshops is meticulously planned and curated so that the learner is filled with an everlasting transformative experience.  

In his mission to expand his tribe of world achievers and to also create his renowned transformative experience, Rafi, through Magic of Change, also introduced a constellation of offline and online NLP training services. Some of the stellar premium programs of Rafi that have garnered a lot of praise and reviews, and are continuing to do so till date, include the Executive Leadership Coaching Programs; Peak Performance Coaching for Senior-Level Management in all domains; Neuro Sales Code that uses NLP-based sales mastery techniques; Success Momentum that helps people reprogram their minds for a successful life in less than a day’s time; MOC Elite Millionaire’s Club that focuses on building self-sufficient and successful entrepreneurs through his exceptionally customized business coaching model.

Anyone who has met and learnt with Rafi knows that he is a humble man and an epitome of benevolence when it comes to knowledge sharing. It was this virtue of his that drove him to successfully launch personal transformation programs that everyone could access without having to worry about any financial constraints. MOC Nuggets and MOC Daily Snippets are such jewels in his treasure chest. Rafi went on to launch India’s first ever NLP-based workshops for children aged 6 – 14, called as “MOC Super Kids” and successfully trained and coached multiple batches of young geniuses as well.

The icing on the cake of his success as the best NLP trainer in India was the giant leap of faith that Rafi took during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown to celebrate the love for learning and personal development. He launched India’s first 24-hour online learning mega fest called as “MOC Learnathon 2020” which turned out to be a colossal success. The event boasted of the assemblage of celebrity coaches, pioneers in various domains, motivational speakers, martial artists, international musicians, business tycoons, art therapists, and interactive illusionists, with over a thousand virtual spectators and learners in attendance!


The answer to this question is rather straightforward and simple, just like the man under spotlight in this encomium of his journey and achievements as the best NLP trainer in India. Any training workshop with Mohammed Rafi is your golden ticket to shed your inhibitions, break your limiting beliefs, shake off the shackles of your past, laugh your heart out and sometimes maybe fall off your chair laughing, and to create a newer and holistically breath-taking version of yourself.

So, grab your golden ticket today! And board the magical express to the sanctuary of personal transformation to come and meet this awe-inspiring man of impeccable ethics, supremely resilient spirit, unsurpassable sense of humour, and monumental wisdom. Come, meet and learn from Mohammed Rafi, a playful devil in the head, angel at heart, a true magician with his hands, and undoubtedly India’s best NLP trainer.

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