Achla is a NLP Trainer with proven abilities to coach, train and influence people. She conducts public programs for Individuals, Corporates, Teenagers & Ladies to help them take their lives to a next level of excellence through a series of tools and techniques. The diverse professional experience has honed her abilities to accept challenges yet be compassionate & cool headed. With a vibrant and infectious smile, enthusiasm and confidence radiating her persona, her aim is to transform millions of lives through her training which are full of humour, charisma, confidence and compassion.
November 2, 2019

Becoming Stable Emotionally & Mentally

Have you ever seen a car coming from behind hitting the car in front? No points for guessing what happens next. Majority of the times, both […]
September 11, 2019

Influence of Addiction on Brain

“Every form of addiction is bad, no matter whether the narcotic be alcohol or morphine or idealism.” Carl Jung What is addiction? Addiction is a psychological […]
September 11, 2019

SIX Powerful Tools required for Entrepreneurial Excellence

The Importance of Right Mindset Entrepreneurs have the power to create a better world by producing services and products which helps people improve the quality of […]
September 5, 2019

How to rewire emotions and break the pattern of routine life?

I was watching a video by Dr. Joe Dispenza explains how to take control of your mind? In this video. He tells us, how we can […]
September 2, 2019

Metaphors in NLP – what is and how it helps?

Metaphors and stories are powerful and fun ways to shift someone’s attention and attitude. It is the most powerful tool which can be used and learned […]
September 2, 2019

Gratitude -Why it Matters so Much

What is a Gratitude? Gratitude – A word which somehow always simulates all my senses. When I hear this word, it feels like holding a very […]
August 29, 2019

Why it is time to stop reading & take action?

“Dreams don’t work unless you take action. The surest way to make your dreams come true is to live them.”  ― Roy T. Bennett Reading is one […]
August 29, 2019

How to improve your performance in sports through NLP?

“You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them.” Michael Jordan, former NBA player Sport is all about mental strength. To win the […]
August 29, 2019

What is Rapport building and how it helps in connecting with people?

What is rapport? An Essential Skill: Rapport Building Developing rapport is of utmost importance and an essential part of every relationship. Without rapport, you would basically […]