DTC – Deep Transformation Coaching

MAGIC OF CHANGE - Deep Transformation coaching is a unique, proven and result oriented model of coaching developed exclusively by Mohammed Rafi. In this model Rafi builds phenomenal Ontological flexibility in his clients to help them get to their Desired State from The Present State. He guides you by holding your hands like your Mother and sometimes kicking you in your bu** like your Army Commanding Officer through the 4 stage process of:


His simple and humorous style of coaching takes you to a stage where your limitations will become the pathway to deeply transforming ways of being. This is a process where 7 main areas of your life is addressed and taken care. The 7 areas are Self Love, Family, Health, Work/Business, Finance, Social and Spiritual.This process is like taking a journey around the 7 continents along with your master. The method is gentle yet deep. Simple yet powerful. Entertaining yet lasting personal change.

This extraordinary process is naturally useful for all kinds of change work ranging ranging from simple nail biting to building billion dollar business empires. Peter F Drucker once said "90% of life problems are people problems and 90% of people problems are communication problems" So you learn the artful and scientific means to being a powerful communicator and getting over any problems in your life.

Ms Amala Stanley - CEO of 4 Schools and Receiver of the Best Principal Award in her state says "ANY PROBLEM IS NO PROBLEM" after taking DTC with Rafi.

Unlike other motivational theories and positive psychology DTC is much more profound where we build Ontological flexibility in you to operate at your optimum in any situation in your life, effortlessly by taking you to a lasting change.

We have 2 models of coaching.


To book your appointment for a session with Rafi please dial +91 8891894588 or send an email to [email protected]