NLP training in Kerala

Are you wondering what is so special about NLP Training in God’s own country – Kerala?

Now, just imagine a scene where you are sitting in the banks of a beautifully flowing river, listening to the chirping birds and feeling the chillness of the cool breeze that just embraces you. Wouldn’t it be a dream come true if you are given a chance to learn in such a magical learning environment?

So now is the time for you to come and experience our Authentic and Unique 5 Days NLP training in Kerala held at a beautiful Natural Eco Resort overlooking the river. The question is – What are the benefits of doing an NLP Training in such a serene and natural environment other than doing it inside the 4 walls of a 5 star hotel?


Auditory Sensory Enhancement Exercise

Let me tell you that NLP training primarily focuses on your 5 sense organs otherwise called as Representational systems. Since time immemorial human beings have a special affinity towards nature because it can expand your senses and sensory acuity which a hotel environment cannot give you. And you know for sure that your mother’s milk is 1000 times better and nutritious than any artificial baby powder. Today in India and Kerala we are the only organization who conducts NLP Training programs in locations that has the richness of nature and that can kindle your submodalities and senses. Moreover it has been scientifically proven that when there is natural greenery in your learning environment it enhances your unconscious assimilation and also increases your creativity. Also, another important benefit is that greenery and nature has a special ability to make you calm and reduce your stress drastically. You would also be surprised to learn that there can be so many unconscious natural anchors that you can carry along with you even after the workshop that can help you access different states like peace, calmness, joy, wonder, excitement, love and many more. And this is possible only if you are learning naturally in a natural environment. Along with this you get to model some of the real life geniuses who lead a happy and contented life along with dreams which are king size. If you have read about NLP , then you would have understood that the base of NLP is modelling or decoding the unconscious and conscious success strategies of geniuses. We bring to you this opportunity which you will never get in a 5 star environment. If you can stay back then its an icing on the cake because you are 100% focussed on your training and thereby your NLP learning will be deep and long lasting. Along with this you will get more time for group discussions and practicing the techniques that you will be learning in this 5 days NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner training in Kerala. So by all means this NLP Training in Kerala is special and unique and you must experience at least once in your life time.

We are the pioneers of NLP Training in Kerala and we have been doing it for more than 10 years now in such authentic life transforming natural locations. Now its your turn to come and experience this REAL MAGIC….!

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