American Board of NLP Certified NLP Practitioner Program

‘We work as a centre of excellence in unison with individuals and organization to help them to draw their style of excellence in whatever they step in to’.

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The morning was fine. Sun was laughing loudly. Jolly children of the neighbourhood started their play on that lush green ground which was surrounded by old trees, full of leaves and abundance in shades. Our home was on the other side of the ground. I could hear the children playing with loud noise. I felt happy. I became my child.’

“Dear friend, You are pleasantly welcome to your world, NLP Training World, world of great feelings and happiness”

NLP Training World is an enthusiastic initiative founded by an even more enthusiastic personality, Mohammed Rafi. It is otherwise called - MAGIC OF CHANGE - ‘ Mohammed Rafi’s life transformational trainings’.

"Your life is not based on the number of likes you get on Facebook, but by how many lives you have genuinely touched in your life." - Mohammed Rafi

Our Chief trainer Rafi, has been catalyst in bringing positive outcomes in the lives of more than 25,000 people through his training programs. Rafi has supported some of his course participants in starting their own independent NLP business.Now, more than 10 NLP training companies in India and abroad have modelled Rafi and have been initiated into NLP Business and Training by Rafi. He constantly guides them in growing their business and training skills as Independent NLP Coaches.

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